To add a new post, you first have to login using the Login link either at the top of the page or in the Meta section at the bottom of every page on the Week 7 website. Your login and password will be your usual NUSNET ID and password.

Once logged in, you will see an admin bar at the top of the page. Choose +New then choose Post.

Give your post a title and type your content in the main authoring window. If you want to add photos or other media in the body of your post, place the cursor where you want to put the media, click the Add Media button and go from there. Once your media object has been inserted, you can use buttons in the formatting bar to align the media object to the left, right or center.

Before you publish your post, find the Categories menu (on the right side) and check the year and category for your project. This is what will make your post show up on the page for your project.

If you need help, send an email to